23 June 2010

Lowake...Prounounced Lo-Wake-E

This post is dedicated to the Gaddy men ---past and present.

So what is the story of this place again?? They used to frequent Lowake back in it's heyday..
I'm assuming when they built fences around Texas.

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  1. Some of the Gaddy's were living around San Angelo and El Dorado back in the 40's and 50's building fences and maintaining ranches. So when Otto and Buck would make a trip down to the area to see relatvies or do buisness, Lowake was a favorite stopping place. Of course the Gaddy's are always looking for a great place that has good steaks and cold beer! Hence the reason why they like to stop at the Lowake Steakhouse

    I went there one time with Buck when I was about 17 years old and was a great memory.