04 June 2010

circle circle dot dot

I have to type fast...there is lightening and thundering at bay and it makes me nervous to be around electronics when lightening is crashing down around me. I must go and unplug everything!!

Before I do my unplugging..and I need to take a shower..peeewww...but I'm afraid I may get electrocuted in the shower..can that really happen?? Lightening strikes the house or pump house and find its ground through me??

I am doing a bit of research on a project that consists of a victorian home. I am helping with the roofing and color selection and also maybe color ladyin' it up a little bit more but keep it simple and farmy.

I noticed a particular theme in many Victorians in a book of mine. What do you think?

Lotsa Dotsa!

1 comment:

  1. I love all these victorian homes. The painted ladies are so elegant and stylish. I am sure what ever color you choose, it will be spectacular!