28 June 2010

A Familiar Face

Witherspoon's Antique Mall was an idea that my ma wanted to come to life 14 years ago. My parents bought the property that used to be a beauty school (I remember the foam heads looking out the window and it always freaked me out) and before that an auto store. The ugly blue metal building was an eye sore. Then my mom walked into the scene and spruced it up. It is the best metal building I have ever seen.

Also, I remember when I would like a snack or a drink I would walk across the street to the dark, murky, marina. It was an eerie place and probably not the best place for a 11 year old girl to to venture to by herself. The place was just plain ol' shady.

Well fast forward 14 years later and Witherspoon's Antique Mall is a hopping/successful business. Not only because of my mother's vision but also because of the gals that help run it and make it look so good. We are all a great team and I love to stop by there anytime any day to see a familiar face. If I have some down time, I stop by Witherspoon's and hang out for a little while. It's a fun place to shop for birthday and Christmas presents (support the dealers!).

Several years ago the city bought the marina and it is now a resort/conference center and a wonderful city beach. Things are looking sunny over there and it makes Witherspoon's just look even better.

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