22 June 2010


Yee hee e'erbody! I helped Gramma mosaic the table she got when she came down last month. It was my ma's table that had been sitting outside with no top for. ev. er. Gramma asked if she could have it and then a couple weeks later...Voila!

Gramma cut the plywood into a circle. I then helped her break some dishes and create a design for the top. The main inspiration were the tiles with the cowgirl on them. She got them at the Helping Hands Store (thrift store where she volunteers). They were $2 each at the thrift store but originally $18 at the retail store. So Gramma was excited about her find.

What do you think? This was my first mosaic project. Now I will not be shy to start one on my own. Pretty simple DIY project. We pasted mastic on all the bottoms. I had to leave before we grouted. I'm anxious to see the finished project.


  1. Very nice job! What was the purpose of the wine?

  2. We wanted to stage the table so people can understand what this table can be used for.

    Or it may have helped with the creative juices too. :)