24 June 2010

Don't Cross the Road!!

When I see my cat cross the road, I get very upset and chase him while yelling.."Don't Cross the Road!!" I think he knows better but I bet he does it to A. Get Attention or B. Piss Me Off! Both work so he wins. But he will not win when a big ol' carless semi comes around the corner with a bat outta hell attitude. He hasn't crossed the road in awhile, so things are pretty lax. Except that it too hot during the day, so he sleeps all day and then around 4 AM he wants to play because that is when it has cooled off and playworthy. I am not a fan of this routine. It has been going on for 2 weeks now...ohhh well. I understand the reasons behind it, but please let me sleep !

Well I made a map for our hired help to make sure he waters everything around the house and inside the house. These plants are older than me! They are my farmer man's grandmothers plants. They are probably at least 3o years old (some of them). Farmerman thought it was funny how thorough I was about the map--but this is some serious stuff. Just like Don't Cross the Road!!

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