17 September 2010

Free !

The day I was leaving to go back to Texas..the neighbor across the street (the red house in the picture) was giving all sorts of good stuff away..I just happened to look out the window at the right time to snag the treasures before anyone else got to them! Now...the hard part...getting it all back home to Texas! Any ideas??

A Goose!
Picnic Table and benches!!

I also snagged some old flower arrangement frogs, old tools like saws, axes, crowbars, and screwdrivers---yeah don't think those would get on the plane! I had a fun time toting all the stuff back over to the house ...and of course the day I am leaving!!! I would have enjoyed the picnic table and goose for months...well at least Farmer gets to enjoy them...he'll think of me when he sees them and then shakes his head and wonders...WHY?!?!


  1. More stuff and more stuff! Farmer girl always tells me that there is no more room for stuff, but she continues to obtain stuff.

    A person always needs #314 and #315 screwdrivers because you never know when you might break or loss one!

  2. You never know.. plus it is fun to see what you can find..grown up's version of a treasure hunt.