08 September 2010

Vancouver in Less than 24 hours...

Well we made it to Canada..one of my goals for my Montana trip. After hurray-ing about getting in the faster border/customs line but then getting picked to park and play the 20 questions game...

Canadian Customs: Where are you Going?
Farmer: Canada...???
Canadian Customs...What CITY ??

We made it!
Hello Canada!!

We found our place...the Victorian Hotel (Double Jeopardy filmed part of their movie there ooh lala)
We set out to walk around the city that just hosted the 2010 Winer Olympics.
Gastown with the Gastown Steam Clock ==Check!
Stanley Park--CHeck! (Trivia--the dude Stanley Park is named after is also the same guy Stanley Cup is named after! Must have been a great man)

Cargo Ships--Check!

Tree Hugging in Stanley Park

We also were able to pick blackberries straight off the bush in Stanley Park..ohh they were sooo delish!
I think the symbol of our trip to the Pacific Northwest were Totem Poles..They were everywhere! I loved them. It reminded me of my dad's small totem pole that was his parents. It has the same type of design as the ones found in Vancouver. They must have bought a souvenir when vacationing in Canada.

My knee has really been a damper of late..It started to hurt the first day in Seattle. I think I strained it while hiking the Sperry Trail. (the 13.5 mile one..ohh yeahh). I am doing knee stretches to try to get it back in working condition. I now know how Gramma felt before her knee replacement!

We ate at a nice brewery/restaurant near the water and I had a blackened salmon salad. YummM!! Farmer had Lobster Ravioli and buffalo wings.

Vancouver was a pretty neat city. I just loved how it was right on the edge of the water and had beautiful views. It is definitely a City and has lots of diversity. I could totally tell I was in a foreign city...so strange since we were just about 100 miles from the USA border. Same way for Mexico tho...definitely know you are in Mexico when you cross that ol' Rio Grande!



  1. When you are crossing the border into Canada, and a Border Agent askes where are you going? I was just making a circle back to Mexico! Here's your sign! Stupid questions deserve stupid answers!

    I like the fact how the name Gas Town was derived. A not because of the steam clock.

  2. You are silly... Where are you from ??

    You don't say.. USA

    You say... TEXAS!!