03 September 2010

Spokane, WA

We ventured over to Spokane and had a great time there. I really enjoyed Spokane because it was smaller yet still a city..not the busy hustle and bustle which is my type of pace.

We stayed at a great hotel right in the middle of downtown. It was restored just a couple of years ago. Before restoration it had been vacant for 25 years!! It was built in the early 1900s and was mostly a brothel for the ol' miners--ooh lalala.

We wanted to stay at the Davenport Hotel (yes another Kirtland Cutter design!!), a very fancy hotel built in 1914. They were booked solid but what was nice is that it was only a block from our hotel and we got to go inside and hang out and look at all the wonderful interior design! Just as good as staying there. We had drinks and dinner there in the Peacock Room.

They had their prom at the Davenport in the Hall of Doges....ohhh wow
Here I am in the Hall of Doges...
I am not looking as fancy as I should be in such a fancy, beautiful room.

We ventured around town and walked in the park that overlooks the Spokane Falls. What a wonderful park to mosey around. Neat ol' Totem Poles, lots of foot bridges to stroll while you listen to the peaceful sound of rushing water.

We had appetizers and drinks at the Flowermill... well we got oysters and they were the WORST oysters EVER. I'm suprised we did not get sick--it was so disgusting that it was actually funny!

Good times in Spokane!

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  1. I enjoyed Spokane though we had to fight the wind, dust, and smoke (grass fires in Ellensburg) that evening, Sorta reminding me of Lubbock during a dust storm.

    Good beer (Manny's) and met some friendly people!