06 September 2010

Seattle Part I

Our next adventure took us to Seattle, WA. Space Needle here we come!

We stayed at the Moore Hotel--another vintage hotel built probably in the 20s. We stayed on the 6th floor and strangely enough--the windows opened---ALL THE WAY---hmm..I don't think that's to code and it kind of scared me. Farmer wanted to keep the window open to cool things off..ummm what if I fall out of that there winder?

We started our travels at Pike Market and boy was it CRAZY with tourists...need ... to .. breath..

So we walked over to Pioneer Square and signed up for the Underground Tour of Seattle. It showed us the history of Seattle when it burned to the ground in 1889 which lead it to become the "Seattle" we all know now. After the fire, it gave them the opportunity to fill up the "hole" of the town that kept getting knocked around with low and hide tides. This provided the city with clean water and sanitation. So...the first floor became the basement. Most of the first floors are sealed up but not entirely and some are completely renovated. It was neat to walk around underneath the sidewalks of Seattle and see the old architecture and listen to the stories of yesteryear..

Then we trekked up to Smith Tower--the 4 tallest building in the world once it was completed in 1914. The tallest building west of the Mississippi and the first observation deck of Seattle. They had a fun thing waiting for us once we got to the 35th floor. I kept the history from Farmer until after he took my picture....muahaha

Smith Tower

I was also able to see another Kirtland Cutter building from the deck--the Rainier Club. Do you see that old brown building in the middle of the skyscrapers...yep good ol Cutter marking his territory.

It was also the first time we saw the Space Needle. Hello there!

Chillin' in the "Wishing Chair" at Smith Tower....

Farmer wishing...oooh you silly man you.

The "Wishing Chair" is for single women that are wanting to be married. If they sit in the chair they will get married within the year....BUSTED! hehehehe

We enjoyed walking down the boardwalk and not so much at looking at bums but that's what you get when you go to a big city.

Our last visit was the Space Needle. Lots of walking meant bed time at 8:30 pm on a Friday...YIKES!

I was afraid of falling out of the window so Farmer closed it...at 2 AM I woke up from hearing a fender bender in front of the hotel.. I got up to look out the window..Farmer woke up and all he saw was me at the window...he thought I was going to Jump! hehe.

Vancouver is the next stop...Watch out Canada!

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  1. Alot of interesting history/places about Seattle. We got to see the city from above and below ground, never had been able to do that before.

    The guided tour of the underground was my favorite, especially the true/raw stories (not found in history books) about how Seattle got started and the trials/tributes the city endured.