16 September 2010

Getting Back to Work

......Taken in early spring at the farm.....

I have been home for about a week now and I can sure tell the difference. Terrain. Stuff. Riely. Mosquitos. Humidity. Responsibility. But it sure is nice to be back.

Farmer is back in Montana and I do miss him lots. Wish he could be here with me so we could do some fun stuff around the farm together.

Speaking of fun stuff around the farm together...I did something yesterday that I enjoyed. It was nice to do some manual labor. I can tell a difference in my body too. I didn't do too much manual labor up in Montana and I felt like it was starting to take a toll--mentally mostly.

We had Rick come out and level the front porch (it was sagging in the valley) and he lifted it 3 inches! Do you see the blocking on the metal posts? That's what he added to level it! We are going to encase the metal posts. I would love to use the original turned posts...Farmer still has them. I don't even know if they would fit.. but man..that would be neat!

But wait..there's more!

I tore off the siding on the front porch! It came off super easy and pulling all the nails wasn't really that bad since I figured out a system. I also took off the quarter round moulding around the windows and doors (not original..just to cover up the asbestos siding joints). Lots of dirt behind the asbestos siding tho! It looked like I was going to rob a bank with my handkerchief over my face. I enjoyed it tremendously..I think it is the gateway to this life again..I had to do something to give me a spark..because I have lots on my plate. I took it off so Rick could come back out and finish up the porch and if anything is attached to the house...none of that asbestos siding will be behind it.

I was so happy to see the nice trim work (big baseboard) uncovered. Also noticed a little bit of blue paint (the original from 1908) still left on the corner baseboard.

Hope you like it...


  1. Farmer girl is unique because she seems happiest when she is pulling weeds, planting flowers, trimming bushes, picking up sticks, removing siding, organizing stuff for the 20th time, etc.

    I think she would rather be covered in dirt and sweat than jewelry and perfume!

  2. I find myself covered in dirt and sweat more often than jewelry and perfume when I am back in Texas! I truly do enjoy working outside..but wish you could be there with me because I know you enjoy it just as much as me and that you would rather be working outside and tending to your farm than working at a desk. Love ya, Farmer.

  3. I think you both are happier covered in dirt and sweat! The place looks great. A couple of months ago I was driving down your road looking for the lavender farm, (I think it is out of business), but I did notice how wonderful your place looked, you both have done so much work!