02 September 2010

Northwest Montana Fair ---From 2 weeks ago!

Finally feeling better and we had a wonderful trip to the Northwest Coast..now I will try to catch up as fast as possible.. where I left off...We went to the NW Montana Fair and we had a good ol' time. It's very home towney and I love the old bandstand and the fallin' down barns where we got to pet the ponies and the llamas and hold our noses in the cattle/swine barn.

Our favorite was the rodeo.

I was very excited to watch the Indian Relay Races. Yes that is what they are called. It's like horseracing but with Indians!! And they trade off different horses each time they go around the track...all bareback and mostly barefoot! :) The power of the horses is amazing..makes me want to cry they are so beautiful!

Then also, I got to see Tomas, a mexican horeseman, with his beautiful and talented horse, Chalo. He had Chalo walking on his knees and Tomas was lassoing around the horse and even jumping through the lasso while standing on the horse's back. It was amazing and it felt kind of nice to see ol' Mexico all the way up here in Montana.

Then the finale of the show was the wild pony wrastlin'. Kids had to play tug a war with a pony that was buckin' and twirlin. While 3 kids had to pull the rope to keep the pony from escaping the front kid had to walk his way up the rope and get on the pony for 2 seconds. It was pretty hilarious and lots of fun to watch.

Afterwards we walked around the fairgrounds. Good ol' fashioned fun!


  1. I really enjoyed seeing the draft horses and working mules. Even got to see the clydesdale horses pulling a beer wagon.

  2. Cool pictures. Looks like a very fun fair. These type of community events make the tourists wanna become locals and real estate nw Montana will only convince them more. Don't you think?

  3. Montana is absolutely beautiful and they have festivities going every weekend during the summer. Always something to do and the weather is awesome! I think that is why a lot of "Californians" have invaded the area.