09 September 2010

Seattle Part II

Just wanted to say, before I talk about the last of our vacation, is that this is my 100th Blog Post! Woo Hoo...

Soo.. Seattle. We got up early in the morning in Vancouver to find that our car is stuck in the parking lot..it was sooo small that Farmer was just too scared to get it out. Think Austin Power's car..

The lady at the desk thought she could do it so Farmer handed her the keys...said good luck and 15 minutes late..Voila!

He was speechless.

So we made our way to Seattle to meet up with Danielle and her friend Chassi. We met at the Botanical Gardens and had a real nice stroll around while we chit chatted and listened to Farmer's crazy stories. I think Chassi got a run for her money...Dani and I heard Farmer talking about how smooth his feet were at one time! haha.

We were able to walk out on a little island and take some nice pictures of the surrounding. Pleasant and not so hustle bustle-y.

We then headed towards downtown and grabbed a bite to eat. Farmer was so sweet and bought all us girls lunch!

I was sad to see Dani go but was so happy to be able to see her TWICE in one year... I still have 4 more months...I could break the record.
Farmer in front of SAM

Farmer and I then strolled around the city and just moseyed around. It was nice and relaxing. My knee started to hurt again (well it had been hurting all day really) and so we got a beer and wow..who would have known that would have helped! (really I think it was the fact that I was sitting down). We then did some more walking and ended up at the Whiskey Bar which was right next door to our hotel.. We had a couple of cocktails and dinner (hummus for me!) talked football with an Okie who knows Wes Welker ...and made our way to our room to call it a night.

Next morning we took our time so we could miss rush hour and then headed back towards the great state of Montana.

On our way back we stopped at a
Petrified Forest State Park right along the Columbia River. Just beautiful!
Timer went off...while I was admiring the beautiful knot in the petrified log.
Farmer tried to steal a piece so we could add it to our collection back home.

Then we stopped in Couer d'Alene in Idaho and had a late lunch. It was sure nice to stop several times to break up the trip.

Needless to Say..we had a great time!! But were happy to be back in the Treasure State...

Today we are heading back to TEXAS!! Ohh boy...! I can't believe it's already time. I have been here for about 2 1/2 months! So ready to see my family and of course RIELY!!


  1. Entertaining three women at the same time, calls for a couple of beers and stiff drinks! Congradulations on your 100th blog!

  2. Awww we weren't that bad! It's not like we dragged you to go shopping and get manicures (not like I would do that anyhow)...It was more like chocolate/ice cream/eating.. yeah you liked it !!

    Thanks for the congratulations ;)