27 April 2010

Oh Boy!!

You are going to freak when you see the Before and After and then another After photo of this beautiful creature. I cannot even fathom this is the same house! The Byrne-Reed house was built in the early 19oos and then converted into an office building in the 70s. KUDOS to Humanities Texas for spending the time and money to transform this beauty back to it's original state!!!

During the 20s and 30s

Brickwork on the west side of Byrne-Reed House. Photo by Humanities Texas.

The northeast corner on April 9, 2010.
AHHHH!! The house has been covered up in tacki-ness!!

The north facade on October 20, 2009.
Texas Humanities unveiling the lovely-ness!

The northeast corner on April 6.
Slowly coming back to life! Isn't this amazing?

March 2,2010.
This is a dream of mine!

Another view of the decorative cornice. Photo by Humanities Texas.
Beautiful cornice uncovered

Original fireplace in the Byrne-Reed House. Photo by Humanities Texas.

This makes me Giddy!!

Check out more pictures of the restoration at Humanities Texas website. WOW!!


  1. 410 Rio Grande Street. Austin, TX. I would like to go by and see it!