14 April 2010

Funky Junk aka Art!

Art can be found anywhere. I enjoy seeing God's designs in the different flowers He created or even the shape of a cloud before it blows into a million pieces and evaporates...never to be the same again.

Art isn't always natural though. Man-made art can be pretty amazing or pretty confusing. You really gotta think hard with certain things. But you know what's neat about it all? They took the time to express their vision and what makes them complete, even if it is super weird and not your style. Don't you enjoy laughing or smiling? Well I believe this is what this artist wants to articulate when people visit his creations. How can you not smile?

It was pretty difficult to take a picture without other patrons with spray cans not getting into the photo..plus my camera was about to die, so I didn't have all day!

Tube socks in the middle of field! Really!

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