13 April 2010

Up, Up, and Away

My farmer is also a pilot. He has a WWII plane that has been part of his family since his dad learned to fly it in the 60's.

When I was little girl, I remember hearing about an old plane in an old barn. For a young kid, that was just an amazing image to envision. We used to drive around the Bluff Dale countryside and I would always look for "the old plane in the barn." Even though I did not know for sure, I decided on a certain barn to house this infamous plane. So for years I always thought of "the old plane in the barn" when I drove by that particular old barn.

Years passed and I kind of forgot about that legend.

Then one day I started dating this boy (man) and he showed me his OLD PLANE in his BARN. Memories flooded back of daydreaming about what "the old plane in the barn" would look like. Who knew I would ever get to see it in person..let alone fly in it!

the PLANE in the BARN!

The Homestead

Flying to Stephenville

In between Bluff Dale and Stephenville

Do you see him about to land?

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