22 April 2010

Rose Bud!

A couple of months ago farmer-man and I went out to California to go to one of his best friend's wedding. On our way down to Paso Robles we stopped by Hearst Castle. I have watched the movie, Citizen Kane, that is "based" on his life...so I had to see Xanadu and hopefully find his Rosebud.

William Randolph Hearst was one of the most lavish guys of his time and brought all his building material and purchases in by ship to his favorite, remote childhood spot. There he built his "dream house/castle" during the Depression. He invited celebrities, smarties, and politicians to vacation at his home. It was very interesting to see the old pictures of when it was used as a house. This is the only time I wish I was a movie star or knew one so I could have been part of one of their infamous costume parties!

The site and history of W.R. Hearst also reminds me of our trip to Germany when we stopped in Fussen to see King Ludwig's castle on top of a mountain. Both were over the top, bought and built to the extremes when neither had any money. Which kind of sounds like society today...I'm not going to go there tho!!


King Ludwig's Neuschwanstein
For More information about King Ludwig and his tragic death (or was it MURDER?) click here


  1. Your a world traveler! I hope your expectations are not that high (LOL)

  2. I am hoping to build a castle (maybe a couple hundred SF less than Ludwig and Hearst) on top of the hill behind the house..we'll call this house the hunting cabin.