02 April 2010

See You Soon Ol' Pal!

What a wonderful day it is! I have shipped off the family's 1920's sofa for a makeover! She has been covered up and set aside in the little barn for decades. Thanks to Jan, I am going to learn how to reupholster this lovely gem. Hopefully my lessons will steer me in the direction to help out another lost sofa soul or two or a million! I recommend keeping one eye open on "Old Fashioned" to see the reveal of the sofa's new life!

P.S. What should I name this comfy couch?

Poor Thing!!

1 comment:

  1. My sister recommended naming the couch "Old Betsy". See enjoyed your blog and the reason for the name is because our granny always named her car "Old Betsy". One story I remember is while driving back from Waco from visiting her mother, the car engine blew up and she called home and said, "come get me, cause Old Betsy spit her bits!"