26 April 2010

Old good times

I am working on picking out paint colors for a house. Not just any house, but the house that I have many fond memories of. I was taken home from the hospital to the little cabin that sits on the property and then lived in the main house until I was three.

I have vivid memories of sitting on the steps of the house with my mother and trying to think of names for kitties. Trying to find the newest litter of kitties in hollowed out trees, and playing in my room that was in the witch's hat of the house.

Pretty lucky little girl.

I dug out some photos to reference back to the days when my parents built the home so I thought I'd share this little bit of history.


  1. I like the bathtub enclosed with rocks and stone! Who did that

  2. I thought you would like that...looks like we have something else in common. That was my mother's idea!