20 April 2010

Ta Daaaaa!

Good As New Folks!

I did it! With lots of help and guidance from Jan, I was able to recover this old friend of ours. She is sparkly and new. Doesn't she look amazing!

We are going to name her Old Betsy Two Step Bits.

There is a story behind the name. The former owner of this sofa, Grannie, told a story about how she was driving her old car from Waco back to Bluff Dale and it finally broke down on her. She called home and said..you better come and get me, O'l Betsy spit her bits!

I included the "Two Step" to her name because it seemed that every step I made forward in completing her, I took two steps backwards. But I was able to finish and I am very proud!

Sandy is our mascot! Ra Ra Ra!

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