05 April 2010

Life's a Garden---Dig it..awwww snap!

My Gramma turned 85 the other day, so I want to dedicate this blog to her.

What a wonderful time of the year--Life is coming back to life. I see myself peppin' up my step!

I visited Gramma in Fort Davis last summer and fell in love with her garden. I am hoping mine will be at least 1/3 as beautiful as hers. To copy-cat her green thumb I recommend buying some Lavendar, Rosemary, Snapdragons, Lantana, Zinnias, Maiden Grass and maybe some Lambs Ear. The various heights and contrast will make your garden sparkle and soothe. Also, most of these are drought tolerant so woo hoo for lower water bills!



  1. My mom had a beautiful garden with daylillies and hydrangea. It's fun to see the hydrangea now used as a cut flower for arrangements.
    P.S. I think I recognize those ladies in your picture.

  2. I tried to grow hydrangea last year but my thumb isn't green enough. I thought you may recognize those ladies!

  3. Shelbie,
    I am growing hydrangea in an old galvanized tub. It is almost 4 years old now and it gets prettier every year. My grandmother said to put copper nails or pennies in the dirt to keep the blue vibrant. I just put some old copper tubing in them and it does seem to work!

  4. Isn't that funny? Maybe I'll try hydrangeas again since I've heard several people around here have the luck. I love that tid bit with the copper, who knew!