05 August 2010


I am pretty mad at myself that I didn't take very many photos. Especially of Danielle and I. We have about 3 photos of us together in the past 3 years and that irks me! Hopefully I will be able to see her in a month or so. We are hoping to meet up here in Kalispell and I can show her the sights like Mustang Island and of course Glacier.

On my way into Portland, Dani advised that I stop and see Multnomah Falls. The 2nd largest waterfall in the US. It was pretty neat and was a good chance to let me stretch me legs before getting into city traffic. And you know how well I respond with traffic.....oh goodness.

She took me around the city and showed me the best of the best. If you want to go to Portland, look up her, she's a great hostess! I saw so many of Portland's finest and have determined that Austin is NOT weird at all...not even close. Portland holds the title and should be proud of it.

We ate at wonderful restaurants-Cajun to Thai so I was one happy camper! We even went to a renovated 1917 school that has been rehabbed into bars/hotel/movie theatre/wading pool/restaurant. I will have to talk about that visit separately because it pretty much defines my whole agenda in life.

We also hiked and beached it. Saw the famous Haystack Rock. I shouldn't forget our walk around the water front. We were able to walk from one side to the other with footbridges along the massive vehicle/train bridge. It also lifts up when a barge or ship needs to pass under it. Just amazing I tell ye. Farmer would be in hog heaven.

To top off my great experience was my visit to the Brown's place. They had amazing views and just felt so comfortable there. I am hoping to go back sooner than later and next time bring Farmer along with me. Even though Oregonians are EXTREME lefties I think he would definitely enjoy it. Especially since we can visit the city and also have the privilege to retreat to the country as well.

Multnomah Falls-2nd largest waterfall in the US of A

Washington Park -Rose Garden-
This is how they design their restrooms in Washington Park..Granbury take NOTE

This bridge turned 100 years old this year!
Ecola State Park
Haystack Rock in the distance

Pitock Mansion
Still showing movies at the Cameo Theatre in Newberg, Or. They also own the drive-in as well.
Like the OLDEN DAYS!
I believe it's the only drive-in left in Oregon.
Pray that a megaplex DOES NOT come in.

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  1. Sounds like a very interesting place with lots of sites. I am glad that you got to visit and see your friends. Nothing better than a happy kitty!

    I would like to visit the museum that house the infamous "Spruce Goose" airplane. The largest airplane in the world design and flown by Howard Hughes.