11 August 2010

Baker Hotel Documentary

This is a wonderful preview of the Ballad of the Baker which describes the rise and fall of Mineral Wells. The Baker was there to help the town with its boom and also assisted it with the bust since many Mineral Well-ites relied on the Baker for employment. Once the jobs diminished so did the town... I think there is a reason why it is now known as "Miserable Wells." Hopefully the name will change to Magnificent Mineral Wells!!

The documentary is a non-profit...if you find it interesting and want to support the rebirth of the Baker check out their website: http://bakerhotelmovie.com/

1 comment:

  1. Seems to be a great project, but not convinced that the Baker Hotel can revitalize and turn Mineral Wells into a booming tourist town again.

    Once renovated, maybe we can make a trip to Mineral Wells and stay the night there. Maybe dress in 20s/30s attire.