04 August 2010

Road Trip=Success!

I had a wonderful time in Portland--Danielle is the definitely the hostess with the mostess. I also was able to see a great childhood friend-Andrew- and then got to mosey on down to Newberg to visit with the Brown family and see their beautiful home and grounds. Their view was absolutely amazing---all you see is rolling hills of Christmas Tree Farms and Vineyards...quite the treat and I am truly blessed to be able to experience these things during our country's hard times.

I am pretty much beat from my 1350 mile adventure so will post pictures and experiences later. Hope everyone is enjoying their week..can not believe it is already Wednesday!! Short week means I get to spend time with Farmer very soon. He was in Bluff Dale for the past 5 days so I have missed him and look forward to getting back into the routine again.


In the meantime....a Riely picture...

---Missing my Ri Ri right now :(

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  1. Sounds like a great adventure! Much better than 105 degree temperatures back home, though being home is always a good thing.