17 August 2010

Fly Fishing Farmer

Farmer has picked up fly fishing. I am very happy for him for fly fishing was on his "bucket list." A colleague of his at Applied has taken him a couple of times out on the Flathead River to cast a line or two. The most farmer has caught is a plastic bag..but we're gettin' there!

I went out on the river with them this past Sunday and I really enjoyed the time on the water--quiet and serene...and oh so clean! You can see the bottom of the river with all the colorful rocks of blue, purple, grey, and green glistening up at you...you would think it is about 4 feet deep but more like 20 feet! Farmer did good casting and maybe one day he will catch a big fish and I can cook it for him!

I did not bring my camera with me the day I went out on the river but I do have a picture of him from another time. He is going out to fly fish again today...good luck!!

1 comment:

  1. Fly fishing definitely requires some form and patience. Just knowing I am getting to fly fish in the rivers and streams of Montana is very rewarding and gratifying.

    Maybe when I return back to Texas, I can show-off some of my fly fishing skills!?