16 August 2010

Sperry Chalet

Saturday Farmer and I decided to hike to Sperry Chalet...another Kirtland Cutter masterpiece...except this had a twist to it. The only way to get to the chalet is by hiking or horseback. The chalet offers rugged guest rooms overlooking the valleys in the great Glacier National Park. They also offer lunches so I figured it would be a cool way to grab a bite to eat. We started at McDonald Lodge and began our journey....yes it was a journey.

The map doesn't look like the hike is pretty much uphill the entire time---but it is. Nah, I just thought it would be a nice easy-going stroll. With our bear spray in hand and a backpack full of snacks we hiked our way to the historic chalet nestled in the mountains.

On our way we crossed foot bridges, picked huckleberries, listened to the rushing water from Snyder Creek, and found a couple of waterfalls. We definitely had our eyes peeled for bears!

About 3 hours later into our hike...I just knew the chalet had to be around the corner...after many of switchbacks and Farmers hips grinding into dust...we saw the chalet..on top of a mountain across a valley from were we stood. Oohhh lord we still have to climb up that!?

Can you even see the chalet? It's there.. camouflaged.

Well it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be...but a cat nap may be a good idea ??...or maybe even shell out $305 for the two of us (yes! That's how much it cost for a couple to stay at the chalet--no electricity, no running water---just gorgeous views!) because we are going to be tired! Either way, we couldn't stay long...since it is now starting to get darker earlier..I did not feel like becoming appetizers for hungry bears.

We were some mighty happy campers when we made it to the chalet and the vistas were brilliant. We ordered some sandwiches and soup. Split Pea for me and Tomato Basil for Farmer...when the order came out the Tomato Basil had onions...which does not sit well with Farmer so I, being a good girl, switched so he could still eat some soup :)

After our lu-nner we sat outside and enjoyed the views and the "tame"life. Mountain goats were walking around, looking at us while we looked at them...chipmunks entertained us by dancing around us and jumping on my feet and giving Farmer a hug..it was the darnedest thing.

See the chipmunk on the rock?
Farmer and the Chipmunk
Sperry Chalet

It would be a wonderful place to stay the night...you would really enjoy it because you have to work HARD to get to it. The 6.7 mile (one way!) hike took us 4 hours and the climb 3300 feet. It only took us 2.75 hours to hike it back to the car and at the end of my trip, my knees were hurting me so bad that I had to walk the last .5 miles backwards because the downhill was pretty intense and not so nice to my knees.

We are sooo glad that we did it and we are also happy that we found a hidden gem in the park that not many people get to see. I also am excited to know that Kirtland Cutter--the most talked about architect of my summer---designed this place too. Just makes it all worthwhile.

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  1. I would have to say the longest and most difficult hike in my life! Though it was very rewarding and worth it! We were defintely off the beaten path and got to see the real Glacier Park.