03 August 2010

Stop!! Jammer Time!

There is about 30 vintage red convertible buses-- called Jammers-- that drive around Glacier Park showing the visitors the amazing sites. I get so excited when I see one of these guys. In 1999 they stopped transporting tourists because of the wear and tear they had endured over the past 60 years and was not sure if they would ever be able to use them again...so instead they hauled everyone in BORING white vans...wahhh wahhhh..I'm glad I was not around or I would be so angry!

Then many years later Ford was able to restore the buses and they now bee bop around Glacier Park bright and shiny just like they did in the 1930s. I hope to take a ride in a Jammer before the end of my trip.

Peanut Butter and Jammer!


  1. Everytime we see a jammer, miss kitty always has to say something about them. I wonder what will happen if she gets to ride one. Remember the school bus song, a new version called the jammer song will be sung.

  2. The wheels on the jammer go 'round and 'round...round and round round and round....the Jammer goes up the mountain and the-en down..up and down.. up and down!