06 August 2010


This is EXACTLY what I have always wanted to do...Kudos to the brothers that took the risk and made these old buildings alive and fabulous again!

We went to the Kennedy School built in 1915 and now functions as a bar, restaurant, hotel, movie theatre and so much more!

They show 2nd run movies so they can charge less...$3. Same idea my mother had back in Granbury.

I lovvvvve the mixy matchy light fixutres!!

We sat out on the patio for awhile until it got too chilly..Danielle and I sat by the fire for a minute to warm up...in July mind you :)
Stuart took Danielle and I to Hotel Oregon for dinner. This is located in McMinneville, OR. Very nice and just as quirky as the Kennedy School.


  1. More good stuff and memories!

  2. wish you could have joined us..you would have liked it a lot.