09 August 2010

Eureka!!! Quilts Galore!

Farmer and I took a quick trip up to Eureka, MT which is very close to the Canadian border. We picked a great time to visit because they were having a quilt show!

We overheard a woman say that during the winter...all they do is quilt. I could see why because this tiny town up in the mountains with tons of snow...hmm yep..quilting it is!

They have a little park dit dotted with historic buildings that had been donated over the years to the town of Eureka. The park is where a lot of the quilts were displayed. They also had them hung up and down the main street. It was very fun to see all these pieces of art displayed in that way.


  1. I enjoyed going into the historic stores, homes and even seeing some antique farm equipment.

    What was humourus was one vendor was selling hot tamales at the event, which is located 5 miles from the Canadian border!

  2. Yeah... you think they would be selling Canadian Bacon or something like that...not Tamales..I would be a little scared haha.