21 July 2010

All Forward E'erbody...All Forward

So after our picnic with the doe our next adventure was White Water Rafting! I have never been and so I was a little nervous. I just knew I would fall into the roaring rapids.

Acting like full fledged tourists we split into groups of about 8 and hopped into a raft guided by Shay. He definitely liked to use the "All Forward ---All Forward" a lot. We pretty much got the hang of the commands and paddled our way down the Middle Fork of Flathead River that defines the edge of Glacier Park. We hit some rapids but they weren't as roaring as I thought they would be but definitely fun-filled. One rapid splashed me right in the face and farmer saw the whole thing. He thought it was funny..so did I. Good times. Now we didn't have a camera with us...we wouldn't have had time to take pictures anyhow. But they did have someone take our picture while going through the "BONECRUSHERRRRRR." We had a loved one come up and visit us and he was able to take the trip with us down the river.


  1. I enjoyed the whitewater rafting though we were the only southerners in the raft surrounding by two families from New Jersey that could not keep in sync while paddling.

  2. It looks like you and the Farmerman are having a blast! I am enjoying reading your blogs about all your adventures!