19 July 2010

Giddy Up

Farmer went out of his way to book a fun-filled Saturday for the two of us. I will talk about what we did in different posts to keep ya'll coming back for more. Ha!

Saturday Morning we got up early enough to make it to West Glacier by 9:30. We were booked to go horseback riding in the mountains and pine trees. I rode a dark brown, almost black, horse named Morgan while Farmer rode Trigger-look-a-like Sunny (or Sunshine). It was a nice relaxing ride except for when the horses spooked and the trail leader got a little scared...we had to turn back around and go a different direction. We rode with another family so it was a small group. I had the urge to do a little galloping or some Hi-Ho Silver action..but couldn't really do that on this trip. Overall we had a very nice ride. It was about 2 hours long and we saw some beautiful sights. After our ride, we had a couple of hours to spare for lunchtime so we ventured over to the amphitheatre in Glacier Park ....which I will talk about tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. It was a fun, enjoyable and sometimes even comical ride! As they say pets sometimes look like their owner and even sometimes act the same. Well I must say that my horse did not look like me, but certainly acted like me! Must have ate too much alfalfa prior to the ride!

    Morgan the horse and Shelbie had to ride behind me and Sunny the entire trip!

    Lets put it this way if Sheblie's horse Morgan was a reincarnation of Morgan Switzer, then Adam Switzer would definitely been resurrected into Sunny.