26 July 2010

Thrift Store Finds

Well we had quite the adventurous weekend!!! I love the weekends here because there is always something to do! While I gather my thoughts and reflections over how to put our experience into words and sort through the photos I am going to talk about my thrift store perusing.

I enjoy going to these stores...one of the only things I do not like is they seem to seperate the antiques or vintage stuff from the junk and rack up the price...ahhh that's the fun part is finding the good stuff amongst the junk. I was at a "thrift store" in Whitefish and it was ALLL antiques and the prices were ridiculous!! They have another store in Kalispell and I think they seperate the good from the bad and haul all the good stuff up to Whitefish where all the tourists are and display their goods...while Kalispell has junk. While in the Whitefish "thrift store" I found TWO vintage Texas Tech Pendleton blankets! I was sooo excited..then I saw the price tag. One was for$150.00 and the other $160.00...at a thrift store. I was so angry! In Whitefish, MT..who else will want to buy a Texas Tech blanket except for me??

But anyways, I did find this cute color pencil of a black poodle at the Salvation Army..It's just darling. I don't even like poodles but this is just so funny. He kind of reminds me of a dog we used to have...Pepper..but she was more grungy than this little guy. I have him by my computer so I can look at him whenever I like.

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