06 July 2010

Polebridge, MT pop. 40

Well here I am in Montana, pretty chilly and pretty rainy..but other than that it's beautiful!

My farmerman and I got in the car yesterday and we decided to head towards Glacier Park. But lo and behold, it was raining..ehh, I wouldn't necessarily want to see the sights in the rain. I would like to do a hike or two as well. So instead we decided to find this place off the beaten track called Polebridge. Sam had heard about it from some folks and they said it was neat destination spot. They have an old mercantile and saloon. Reminds me a bit like Luckenbach, TX.

We had a nice time there. We ordered some food (Me: Salad, Him: Hotdog) and a beer. They have cabins for anyone to spend the night and it is right next to an entrance into Glacier Park. This side of the park is not even close to commercial and that's how we like it. I think we'll go this way again when we get our act together to go visit the National Park.

So Far So Good. Just a little chilly!!! I bought a blanket yesterday and haven't peeled it off my body since. A good thing about this weather tho, is that I can drink hot tea! As I type this post, the heaters are going right now! How are things in Texas??


  1. 34 miles from civilization on a old windy dirt road hugging North Fork of the Flathead river. Watch out for the "dust cops" if you drive over the posted speed limit of 35 mph, they will stop you because of the dust created from the dirt road! Though if you are from Texas and put on a little southern charm you can talk you way out of a ticket!

  2. "Are You Okay???"

    "NO!! Damn Cheese!!"

    -Old lady talking loudly to a grumpy old man