07 July 2010

The Casita

This is the little house we'll call home for awhile that sits on Meridian Street. It is on the edge of an older neighborhood with lots of diversity and great old houses. I was taking a walk yesterday and found a church (imagine the Presbyterian Church by the square in Granbury) and it is now a Thrift Store! Lucky me!

It had not been 24 hours since I arrived in the Treasure State that I was itchin' to play switch-a-roo with the furniture.

So I did.

Every item in this house is from Ikea...even the silverware..


  1. Could have had a condo that included all the amenities (swimming pool/hot tub, billard room, golf range, cookout patio, theater room, louging room, etc in the prestigious town of Whitefish (Montana version of Aspen, but settle into a nice/little duplex that seems to be more quaint and fits our style and lively hood.

  2. Indeeeeeed! Mucho better than trying to keep up with the Jones'...especially since we don't use any of that kinda stuff anyways. I enjoy our walks and the diversity of the neighborhood...the pristine lawn kind of people v. canyon critters that moved into town. Something to talk about!