29 July 2010

Ohhh Last Sunday!

Last Sunday was quite the trip! We first decided to trek over to East Glacier which is probably around a 2.5 hour drive from Kalispell. Woo weee. We got out and stretched our legs and walked around another beautiful historic lodge built in 1913 for the droves of tourist for Glacier Park. What a beauty and the grounds were amazing.

After our visit with East Glacier we ventured up towards Many Glaciers which was another hour or so. Another historic lodge--Many Glaciers Lodge--sat on the edge of Swiftcurrent Lake, surrounded by snow-tipped mountains. Everybody was outside relaxing in the old patio chairs reading their latest novel or chit chatting with their loved ones. Many Glaciers was definitely the most remote..and surrounded by so many different hiking trails. I can see how someone may want to stay a week there!

Swiftcurrent Lake

Many Glaciers Lodge
Josephine Lake

Later on in the day we made it towards Logan's Pass and started hiking up the trail to Hidden Lake. Logan's Pass is about 6,000 ft above sea level and right there on the continental divide. There is still snow at this point so Farmer and I were slipping and sliding our way to find this hidden lake amongst the peaks and valleys. We hiked a mile and a half to the look out point for hidden lake. Tucked in the high valley of the mountains and covered with snow/ice for about 8 months out of the year..I can see how it got its name.

While taking pictures.. Farmer was trying to figure out the timer for the camera I quietly shouted..Very slowly! Sit up and look behind you!!...

A mama mountain goat and her little one was right behind him staring and sniffing at him. It was a hoot! I was so excited to finally see one of these creatures!

After taking a bajillion pictures of them we decided to hike DOWN to the lake...another mile and a half but this was DOWN a mountain. Not so bad going down..but coming up is what separates the men from the boys..or as Farmer says..the Kitties from the Cats.

We did it! And took some great pictures along the way. After it was all said and done..we hiked about 8 miles that day and boy was I TIRED!!

Hidden Lake
Hidden Lake below us
Nosey Goat
Whistle Pig?
Made it to Hidden Lake
Road Block!

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  1. I would hardly call it "wildlife", when ever you have to heard and push mountain goats out of your way when you are hiking and you can call up whistling pigs and the respond like kitties! The was a very memorable day and an very enjoyable hike!