28 July 2010

Last Saturday

First thing on Saturday was the Farmer's Market in Kalispell. We purchased some lettuce/local cherries *yummm* and milk.

We then proceeded to Rebecca Farm to watch the Event.

This event was held in Kalispell.. one of two cities in the USA that held trials for the Equestrian World Cup. The 10 other cities will be in Europe..These horses were flown in from the east coast..only the best!

We saw all sorts of action.. a rider fell off the horse and the horse went crazy and was running full speed through the fields heading to the barn..people had to run/dive out of the way.

Then another rider fell off and they had to call in the ambulance..kind of scary but they said she only suffered some bruised ribs.

And then of course the jumping!!

It was so exciting to see.. I have never been to an event and also the jumps were so creative...horses had to jump over over-sized carrots/fish/dinosaurs/etc. Loved it!

Video of one of the contestants hurdling their way through Jurassic Park!

After watching the event...we headed towards downtown and looked at the vintage cars and hot rods show. We had a nice time looking at old motorcycles to model A's. I enjoyed the model A's and the trucks. Makes me want to buy an "A" and also fix up the 20 vintage trucks Farmer has back home.

Later on in the evening Farmer took me out to a nice restaurant in Whitefish---Tupelo's. Then guess where we ended up next...The Great Northern Bar to watch... The Cold Hard Cash Show..again! We didn't stay as long and we didn't really need to sit up close and personal this time but still it was great entertainment. Farmer spotted the old head football coach of the NY Giants there...oooh "celebrity" sighting!!

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  1. We can now say we had drinks with Jim Fassell and his crew, since they were only a few feet from us! Lots of exciting things an on-goings here in the northwest!