23 July 2010

Neat things about Kalispell, MT

I enjoy riding my bike to and fro


There are 3 thrift store in Kalispell that I frequent about once a week (eeeek!)

I can drink hot tea in the summer time

Takes me 5 minutes to hop on my bike and ride over to Lone Pine for a hike

The Flathead Beacon--a Free Weekly Newspaper that lists all sorts of things to do and see.

No Humidity

The grocery store is not 20 minutes away.more like 2 minutes.

pretty scenery and beautiful lakes

neighboring towns are not that far away to visit

Something is always going on ..even though the are pretty similar, there is always a festival every weekend, music, arts, etc.

Surrounded by beautiful old homes. I can get in the car or on foot and walk around and study the architecture


Conrad Mansion

Farmer's Market every Saturday in Kalispell.

Microbreweries in many of the small towns around here...like a winery but beer instead.

There is plenty more but that's all that I can think of...

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  1. Your approx. 30 miles from Glacier National Park.

    Lots of hiking trails and scenic views.

    Flathead Lake and lots of rivers and streams that are crystal clear.