12 July 2010

Glacier National Park

The farmer and I visited Glacier Park this weekend and boy was it amazing. Words nor pictures do the justice but that's all I can provide to describe a part of this wondrous world. Makes a person pretty patriotic. Glacier Park turned 100 this year and just think of what it was like in 1910..many more glaciers and a lot more remote and rugged.

Each time we saw some snow on a mountain..we kept wondering..Is that a glacier? We stopped to take some pictures and a couple asked if I could take a picture of them so I obliged. I asked what they wanted in the background and he said, "As much as the glacier as possible." "Okay!" Click.

I handed back their camera and Farmer comes up to me and whispers...So is that a glacier?? I was wondering the same thing!! Take more pictures of that glacier! (or is it??)

We took a scenic route: Going-To-The-Sun-Road...even the name itself is AWESOME. We had a good time winding around the contours of the mountains---hugging the rocks that jut out onto the road wanting to make a nice, memorable scratch on your car. At times the edge of the cliff was your neighbor..Don't look DOWN! Weeping Walls of water come crashing down on your car (make sure your sunroof is closed). It was like your very own natural amusement park. So much better than a roller coaster or water slide. On our adventure we spotted deer (no bears or mountain goats dang it), mountians (of course), valleys, little ground squirrels, crazy drivers, manly mini-van drivers, waterfalls galore, and the best kind of snow---snow that is in 70 degree weather! It sure is fun to see snow in July.

We bought a National and Federal Park Pass that is good for 12 months. We'll be able to go to Glacier Park so many times that we'll be very happy to be your tour guide. If you get a chance, please come up here and visit, we would love to show you around!

The Water was.....FREEEEEEZING!! Think: This is Glacier Runoff!
10 seconds to take this picture was too long.

Snyder Creek

See the red Jammer...they are 1930s convertible "busses" that have been fully restored that show visitors the sights around Glacier Park!



  1. Are you sure that is a grizzly bear paw print, or is that "Doctor Jeckle/Mr Hide" evidence for SMM Kitty?

    A very memorable trip for sure!

  2. You never know..watch out for full moons! Raaaar