20 July 2010


So where was I...

So while we had some downtime from one adventure to another we decided to go have a picnic in Glacier Park on the shore of McDonald Lake. We parked at the amphitheatre and already knew we would enjoy ourselves because nobody else was around.

I had thrown some food in a bag and made a hob knob type of lunch for the two of us. We ravaged through the meal like starved kitties. All the horseback riding had made us hungry! We then skipped rocks on the water and laid out in the sun like happy turtles chit chatting while throwing pebbles at one another. I then raised up and to my left was a deer drinking water. She was probably about 30 feet away. I whispered to farmer..."Get up! Very slowly and quietly." He was like what?? And shot up to take a look..oh goodness!

But what was funny, the deer didn't even mind us. She just sipped her water and then came over to a small tree next to us and started munching on the leaves. We just sat there in shock! She was not worried one bit.

We thought that was cool..well then she meanders towards us, stops right in front of us and takes another drink of water...hangs out for a bit and then meanders around to my right side and chews on a couple more leaves and then heads up into the brush. We were able to talk while she was doing all of this.. One of the coolest things that has happened to me in a long time. I asked Farmer if he had the camera... Of course not!! Aww dang.

He goes back to the car to get some slip on shoes and the camera. He follows her into the trees and takes a couple of pictures.

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  1. The deer was definitely the dessert of our picnic! I recall only two other occasions in my life of having a deer walk up toward me, though neither time were they as "tame" as this particular deer.