14 July 2010

Lost in Lone Pine Park

Yesterday I took a hike in Lone Pine State Park. It is only a few minutes from the casita. It was a nice, cool, and breezy day to take a hike. Farmer had taken me to Lone Pine once before but I suppose I didn't pay close enough attention to the trails.

I wanted to take a different trail and get to know the park a little bit more. I started from the top of the park and made my way down..then up..then down...then up..and down...I was getting all turned around! I was taking these smaller trails and was wondering if I would ever make it back to the top. After 2 hours of hiking I eventually did..now I know the park real well!!!

Farmer took this picture from his spot on the cliff..
...the box with the arrow is where our casita is.

1 comment:

  1. I enjoy hicking in Lone Pine Park.

    It is peaceful and on most occassions you will see wildlife.

    I have had a couple of occasions where the deer ran up to me (accidentally) and was no more than 10 yards from me.