22 July 2010


I read an article about a local schoolteacher that has been painting a fire hydrant in his front yard each season for over 20 years in the east side, historic neighborhood of Kalispell. He stated that the first time he painted it was because it was an ugly orange color....then he began to get creative and started decorating the hydrant for various holidays. What a clever idea!...folks young and old drive by to see what the next design will be. Just think of how many coats of paint the poor hydrant has!

I was walking through the neighborhood taking pictures of homes and wondered if I would come across this funky folk art...and sure enough I did!!

Next door to the hydrant was this cute little home. I like how it is mostly painted white. But what I like even more is the cute little birdhouse that perches next to the home. It is an exact replica of the white abode.

I bet the bird that lives in that house is rich!


  1. I love this, Shel! I can't wait to show you the coolest thing I've ever seen in Glen Rose. The guy is opening a biergarten type place right off the square. He has repurposed EVERYTHING including an internally lit Elvis and a lifeguard chair! It's gonna be awesome!

  2. Hey that sounds like my kinda place! When will it be open?